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A View of Laidback Luke illustrates how he creates his radio program using DJ.Studio in one-third the time typically required.

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Only a few short months after its release, DJ.Studio, the only digital audio workstation (DAW) created solely for DJ mixing, continues to make amazing enhancements, several of which were introduced at the app’s maiden ADE.

In spite of the fact that the platform was still in development this time last year, DJ.Studio has quickly become one of the most talked-about DJ programs available today.

Those who have been working persistently on the app were rewarded with a resounding success at this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event. DJ.Studio made a number of noteworthy advances during what is unquestionably one of the busiest weeks in the electronic music calendar.

After realizing how useful the program was in assisting him in creating mixes for his radio show, Dutch dynamo Laidback Luke became one of the world-class DJs advocating the software.

Luke led an in-depth presentation of how he utilizes DJ.Studio to make his radio shows in a third of the time, and his enthusiasm for the topic shone through as he and CEO Siebrand Dijkstra presented a masterclass on the topic. He praised the “DNA of real DJing is in there,” referring to the many aspects that are “intuitive even for DJs that have never produced,” and he praised the singular algorithm that captures the pulse of the music.

Helen Sartory, SVP Creator Services at Beatport, said that DJ.Studio users will soon be able to use Beatport’s online streaming services as they produce their mixes. This was one of two new integrations verified by DJ.Studio during this session. Explaining how she had been “watching [DJ.Studio] with such anticipation”, Sartory went on to present a whistle stop tour of the Beatport integration in action, underlining how the hybrid workflow was a gamechanger for them, and even remarking on the incredible speed with which it operated.

After that, an incredible new connection between DJ.Studio and the 1001Tracklists online DJ tracklist database was revealed. This innovative feature allows users to import any tracklist from the web into DJ.Studio and use it as a basis for creating their own unique set, which can then be customized by changing the order of the tracks or eliminating those that aren’t wanted. DJ.Studio was the official partner of 1001Tracklists’ annual Top 101 Producers and Future of Dance events, both of which were showcased at ADE during Evan Sacks’ masterclass.

The dedication of the DJ.Studio staff to the quality of the user experience is one of the app’s most striking features. Dijkstra made an appearance at ADE and shared the company’s approach to customer feedback: “If it’s not already in there, and we like the idea – we’re going to build it!” Keep an eye out for the upcoming integrations with 1001Tracklists live and Beatport, as well as other new features for DJ.Studio users, like as sample tracks, offline support, and advanced automations.

Check out the video down below.

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