BLOND:ISH to build World’s First ‘Impact To Earn’ token with Bye Bye Plastic – unveils $75K Web3 Grant through Socialstack & Celo

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Acclaimed international DJ, producer, activist and Web3 entrepreneur Vivie-Ann Bakos (Aka BLOND:ISH) unveiled a pioneering partnership for her Bye Bye Plastic Foundation during International Music Summit (IMS) Ibiza, the premier forum for electronic music, April 27-29th. This year’s theme ‘In Pursuit of Purpose’ is fitting for a world ripe for social progress and responsibility, as the program addresses key topics like the metaverse, climate and Ukraine.

The $BYEBYE social token, which only can be earned for starters, will launch at the end of Summer 2022 on the web3 community platform Socialstack. This token grant is powered by Celo, a carbon negative blockchain. Bye Bye Plastic is the inaugural grant recipient of Socialstack’s Climate Action Social Token Fund – a first of its kind initiative in collaboration with Celo’s Climate Collective to fund and provide infrastructure to cultural & brand leaders for the development of Web3 communities addressing the climate crisis. As part of the $75K grant, Bye Bye Plastic and Socialstack will run the first-ever Impact To Earn (I2E) campaign in the space with $25,000 in CELO tokens rewarded for those who take positive actions. Play To Earn (P2E) gaming has recently taken off majorly.

The sustainable and circular economy still needs to appear stimulating and incentivizing in our everyday lives in order to win the tide of Climate Change,” Bakos explains. “With a token that rewards environmental actions, we aim to not only gamify, but also effortlessly change the culture that will shape a plastic-free and more regenerative world.

BLOND:ISH is the first musician to embrace Web3 in this way: launching an impact-driven social token that leverages her network effect for good. This is not the first time she’s launched a social token. Earlier this year she launched $ISH.

$BYEBYE will activate a dedicated new set of mechanisms to educate and excite people towards environmental practices that create new fields of possibility for its community and beyond. A lot of essential eco-habits or daily practices are still absent from society’s daily routine. This is notably due to several gaps: a lack of education, and too little gain versus pain projected in individuals’ minds when considering the economics of a “good” eco action.

The value of time dedicated to versus convenience of not carrying out this action yet weighs too heavy in the balance. “Another consideration appears to be the power of the collective compared to individualism, which we’ve been integrating since day one,” says Camille Guitteau, BBP’s Managing Director. Unique redemption opportunities, such as limited NFTs, membership, and real-world experiences, will be available for token earners.

Reversing climate change is a problem that is best suited to Web3,” says Craig Wilson, Climate Collective CEO. “Climate is a mass coordination problem, and Web3 is a mass coordination tool. We are thrilled to support Bye Bye Plastic in activating the music community towards regenerative practices.

Recently Bakos took part in an environmentally conscious Antarctica expedition where she performed on a cruiseliner as part of WOW IT’S NOW, an art-forward climate series by Daybreaker to inspire deeper awe and connection to Earth and the growing climate crisis. The boat was in motion for the duration of the set and hundreds of meters from land at all times to minimize noise disturbance to wildlife. Watch/listen to BLOND:ISH x DAYBREAKER: Antarctica Expedition DJ Mix and see this report for the initial impact report.

Socialstack launches groundbreaking social tokens as an onramp for brands, creators, and community members to easily build & join Web3 communities with purpose. This includes the first social token experience at Christie’s, first social token for a nonprofit, and surfing company Starboard whose token has helped incentive 250 tons of ocean plastic removal.

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