Paul van Dyk Releases the Progressive House and Melodic Techno Single ‘Fragmentation’

todayAugust 19, 2023 49

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The world-renowned electronic music pioneer Paul van Dyk has just released his brand new single “Fragmentation” on the prestigious VANDIT Alternative label, a platform celebrated for its dedication to promoting innovative and cutting-edge electronic music, just in time for a fresh run of VENTURE X live event dates beginning this weekend in Washington, DC, and Chicago.

Featuring up-and-coming Italian producers Sean & Dee, “Fragmentation” delves into the rougher side of progressive house and melodic techno without losing any of the album’s trademark elegance or skillful storytelling. Synth patterns that exude raw, emotive energy accompany the relentless percussion pulse throughout.

The release is a demonstration of the musicians’ commitment to innovation, as evidenced by the boundary-pushing nature of the music. Beyond the studio, Paul van Dyk and Sean & Dee will share the stage at SHINE Ibiza on September 14th, offering a night of music and connection unlike any other.

The master DJ/curator at VENTURE X selects tracks from all around the electronic music spectrum and plays them all in one unforgettable night.

Van Dyk’s fame stems from the fact that he is able to perform on the fly, sequencing sounds based on feedback from his audience. The emphasis is on hearing familiar sounds in unfamiliar settings and welcoming the unexpected. It’s like when you hear a clip of your favorite song and are completely blown away by the unexpected turn van Dyk takes. Unpredictable and not to be missed, that’s Paul van Dyk’s definition of VENTURE X.

This fall, VENTURE X will also be held in Würzburg, London, Belfast, Amsterdam, and Berlin, in addition to this weekend’s gigs in Washington, DC, and Chicago. See where Paul van Dyk will be performing and when by consulting the full tour schedule.

Listen to the track below.

Written by: Lucia Avila

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