Cosmic Light: Full Moon Ibiza Retreat – November 4 – 8 – Transformation

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Closing out a season of magical offerings, Cosmic Pineapple is holding a retreat in Ibiza – from November 4 – 8 to the full moon eclipse – alchemising dark to light, diving deep inside to peel away the hidden layers and shine bright. This will be our only retreat this year and will be a very special experience!

As we enter the energy of the November full moon (also an eclipse – powerful endings and beginnings) you are invited to enter the magic within. Over four nights we immerse in a retreat in a beautiful space in the north of Ibiza.

The retreat will be led by Cosmic Pineapple curator Kim Booth, alongside some magical Ibiza based space holders and creatives, working with the intention to let go of the stories and layers of all that does not serve, and reach closer to your truth and light inside.

With Kim’s ‘Cosmic Flow’ yoga as our daily guide, the retreat will focus on the elements, working especially with the energy of fire and spirit, as we delve into a time of the year when the veils between worlds are thinner and we purify what needs to go in order for the new to birth.

The retreat will work deep inside, including a purification temezcal (sweat lodge) with a powerful Ibiza based medicine woman, crystal sound healing meditations, a magic full moon intention class, creative exploration, nature cave connection and the final night will be the spirit of full moon transformation – an emerging energy with a heart magic cacao ceremony and light painting, where you inner light will be captured in a photo

Kim is a weaver and connector of energies, working creatively with different methods and traditions in the spirit of alchemy. At this transitional turning point on earth, Kim’s medicine is enabling you to see and know your true power – your light – and what shadows you need to work though to access it.

Retreats are a beautiful space for sacred moments for and with yourself – stillness and self care, inner enquiries and the courage to look within – Who am I? What do I want? What makes me happy? What is my purpose? What do I feel grateful for? In these moments we clear space to plant new seeds and new intentions.

Ibiza is the magical island of transformation and the perfect home for this retreat. The retreat space is a beautiful, secluded villa in the very north of the island, surrounded by trees and the silence and beauty of the sky. Each room is dedicated to the energy of a divine goddess, which the archetype will also be your guide throughout the retreat (and for both the feminine and masculine!).

You Are Welcome!

The Retreat Includes:
A beautiful stay in a secluded house in the north of the island with indoor and outdoor yoga and ceremony space

Daily yoga and meditation

Purification Sweat lodge

Nature cave exploration

Sound healing

Cacao ceremony

Creative workshop

Light Painting – show your inner light

Vegetarian food

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