elrow & Nychos introduce NEW THEME: DANCE WITH THE SERPENT

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DANCE WITH THE SERPENT is elrow’s new theme, co-written with Nychos.

Elrow and Nychos want you to fully immerse yourself in the experience, find common ground, cast aside your inhibitions, and learn something new.

Amnesia Ibiza, September 30th, 2017.

At the close of the Ibiza season, elrow, in conjunction with a global artist working across mediums, unveils the new yearly theme. The Austrian artist Nychos was commissioned to develop the theme for 2023; his work, titled “Dance with the Serpent,” is a new elrow universe influenced by dance.

“Dancing is all about losing oneself in an uplifting energy. And contentment is the condition that makes it possible for us to get in step with ourselves, our environment, and the vast energy of the universe,” stated Nychos.

According to Nychos, the “Dance” is a way to achieve a meditative, ecstatic condition in which one becomes completely immersed in a joyful vibration and forgets about the passage of time and the external world in favor of an immediate awareness of one’s own existence. We find our groove when we dance together. Movement is the shedding of the old skin, the clearing of the way for the new to emerge.

“Once again, with this new theme, elrow aims to astonish and innovate by working with creative minds from the realms of art, comics, and cinema…” – featuring elrow’s original Juan and Cruz Arnau.

On September 30th, in time for the BIG elrow Amnesia Closing Party, the Arnau will introduce its global brand with the theme “Dance with the Serpent by artist NYCHOS,” a deep dive into the mysterious world of serpents. Creatures with a burst of color and motion that is both novel and intricate. They could lead us into the shadows, where we can finally see the light. Indeed, the snake is the first sign of healing we encounter, whether it be the serpent entwined around the rod of Asclepius or Kundalini as the primal creative force, ascending the spine to reunite with cosmic energy.

Together with such an influential and innovative musician as Nychos, we are thrilled to introduce the world to this brand new theme. Dance with the Serpent’s visual landscape “explores the parallels of presumed opposites: animal and human, physical and metaphysical, dark and bright, life and death,” say Juan and Cruz Arnau, “and we intend to continue breaking the molds and evolving our platform into new universes.”

Nychos and the Arnau family agree on one thing: dance is the catalyst for change. It’s about to get crazy, so get ready to dance!


If the point of the show ‘DANCE WITH THE SERPENT’ is to get you up and moving, then music will surely play a significant role. It will lead us on an adventure through a variety of sonic landscapes, setting the tone for the entire party with recurring rhythms and moments, and inspiring us to go on our own creative adventures in Nychos’ one-of-a-kind world. A collection of the world’s finest DJs is about to perform for you.

Adam Beyer, Bastian Bux, Joris Voorn, Sarah Story, and Toni Varga will be among the great tech-house musicians performing at the premiere, which will take place at the famous Amnesia Ibiza club.

Written by: Lucia Avila

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