KASIA: Rising Techno Star Bringing Eclectic Energy to UNTOLD Festival

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KASIA, a rising star in the techno scene, is making waves with her pummeling productions and captivating sets. Hailing from Poland but now based in Miami, she draws inspiration from her travels, splitting her time between Ibiza, America’s East Coast, and clubs across Europe. With a quick rise to prominence, KASIA’s music reflects a fusion of melodic techno, hypnotic synthwork, atmospheric pads, and powerful kicks.

Ahead of her performance at UNTOLD Festival in Romania, KASIA shares insights into her production process, set preparations, and memorable experiences. She considers her music deeply influenced by her diverse experiences and fellow artists, creating a unique blend of external influences and introspection.

When preparing for a set, KASIA strikes a balance between planning and adapting to the crowd. She curates the overall mood and atmosphere while also reading the audience to make on-the-spot modifications for an engaging experience.

One of her most cherished sets was at Burning Man, where she played several sunrise sets. The challenging journey to the mobile stage, surrounded by a sandstorm, made for a surreal and exhilarating experience.

KASIA expresses her excitement to return to UNTOLD Festival and describes what fans can expect from her set – a unique blend of unreleased music fusing classical elements with captivating techno sounds.

Comparing the music scenes in Poland and Miami, KASIA notes Poland’s diverse and thriving scene with a strong appreciation for various genres. In contrast, Miami boasts a vibrant and dynamic music scene influenced by its multicultural population.

Looking ahead, KASIA is ready for a new chapter in her music career as she relocates to Europe and establishes Ibiza as her home base. She has an array of shows and festivals lined up, including performances at Sunrise Festival in Poland and UNTOLD Festival.

With her recent release, ‘Not Alone,’ climbing to the ninth position in the Indie Dance releases on Beatport, KASIA is excited about her upcoming releases and the surprises that lie ahead.

As she continues to push the boundaries of creativity, KASIA’s journey as one of techno’s brightest stars promises to be an exhilarating and transformative experience for both her and her fans.

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