Surprise Album Alert! Disclosure Drops New Album and Unveils ‘Looking For Love’

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Disclosure went back to basics to commemorate the tenth anniversary of their groundbreaking first album Settle and for their upcoming fourth studio album. Not only did they unexpectedly release it last Friday, but Alchemy has no guest features or samples. They’re publishing it on their own and don’t plan to tour it right now. Instead, the spotlight is on the brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence, who are the faces behind Disclosure.

Guy and Howard embrace a new feeling of freedom and expression on Alchemy. This is daring dance music that pushes the boundaries of what a Disclosure single can be. Guy’s music ranges from jungle breaks and trance-like supersaw synth riffs to four-to-the-floor house compositions.

Listen to Disclosure’s ‘Looking For Love’ on Spotify’s Shoot Music New Releases Playlist.

Meanwhile, Howard’s ear for traditional melodic songcraft is sharper than ever, and he incorporates more of his own singing and lyrics than ever before. “This record is a celebration of us feeling liberated right now,” Guy explains. “We’re no longer under contract with a major record label.” This record will not be toured. We can do whatever we want and be extremely creative.”

To define Alchemy as a simple and uncomplicated return to Disclosure’s electronic roots, however, is to miss the intensely emotional story that led to its production. Alchemy was composed at two very distinct stages in the life of the British couple. Guy, on the other side, had recently married and was settling into a new home in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles. Howard, on the other hand, was grieving from heartbreak and fatigued after a 150-city tour.

“There was this combination of deep heartbreak and sadness, but also deep admiration and appreciation,” Howard recalls of the title. “Let us transform this dreadful feeling into something beautiful.” “The whole idea was to channel pain into beauty, which is always the goal in hindsight.”

Disclosure began working on the album after wrapping up their tour for their 2020 album ENERGY last year. Howard briefly went from London to Los Angeles and began creating sketches on his own, with help from pals and partners Max Margolis and DonnyBravo in the studio.

Guy remained with the demonstrations for weeks after receiving them, allowing him to properly absorb them before adding his own adjustments. The process was then inverted, with Guy composing his own ideas and Howard working on them, including an early version of ‘Higher Than Ever Before,’ composed with the acclaimed musician Cirkut, which keen fans may have heard during Guy’s recent secret concert at Glastonbury. They finally got together in London to finish the record.

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