Kollektiv Turmstrasse unveils new album with “Night Wire” as the lead single.

todayOctober 7, 2023 8

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The release of “Night Wire” is Kollektiv Turmstrasse’s way of announcing the arrival of his new album.

“Night Wire,” the first track from Kollektiv Turmstrasse’s upcoming album “Unity of Opposites,” has piqued fans’ interest in the group’s return.

With its infectious synth melody, sharp percussion, and glitchy FX effects, “Night Wire” is one of the album’s dancefloor-focused tunes that succeeds in its inherent simplicity.

When broken down to its essential components, “Unity of Opposites” is still house music at its most fundamental level: a finely crafted tapestry of warmth, groove, and soul. But Turmstrasse won’t be pigeonholed, and instead takes the listener on a journey through a wide variety of musical styles, from breakbeat to hip-hop to indie-dance, with a fantastic range of vocal performances. The hypothetical offspring of a lab experiment in which TSHA was fused with Floating Points, Travis Scott, and DJ Vacuous. To those who wish to see Turmstrasse’s universe in a fresh light, “Unity of Opposites” offers a gift of a deeply personal listening journey rather than a club record designed for the dancefloor.

Kollektiv Turmstrasse, whose real name is Nico Plagemann, is one of the most popular German live performers in electronic music and has had a significant impact on the development of the techno and house scenes across the world. His consistent evolution and reinvention as a musician is tangible evidence that change may be good. He’s one of a kind, with a compelling discography, and he specializes in the uncharted territory between breakbeat and driving house music and anthems for the dancefloor. “Unity of Opposites” is his first album since “Rebellion of the Dreamers,” which received widespread acclaim.

Nico Plagemann, aka Kollektiv Turmstrasse, has finally reached a stage in his career where he can play around with new ideas without worrying about damaging his reputation. The music on “Unity of Opposites” is a reflection of his varied interests and experiences, and it serves as a testimonial to his skill as a composer.

Press play and enjoy the track.

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